Dornier 328 Envoy Jet
for VIP passenger comfort

14 pax | 3.700 km / 2.000 nm

Why our Dornier 328 Envoy Jet
is so popular

In addition to the super silent cabin the aircraft features a spacious large lavatory, well equipped gallery and entertainment system. The perfect aircraft for flights where comfort and absolute luxury is required – and lots of baggage space.

Dornier 328 Envoy Jet in numbers

Year of manufacture





3.700 km / 2.000 nm



Max speed

870 km/h

Cabin dimensions

L 10.28 / W 2.23 / H 1.88 m

Cabin altitude

8.000 ft



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Dornier 328 VIP

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You are more than welcome to contact us to learn more about the Dornier 328 Envoy Jet. We are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can download a facts sheet. 


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