About Joinjet

Worldwide custom tailored aviation


About JoinJet

JoinJet is part of the Danish airline SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S that has operated regional scheduled flights from Denmark since 1978. In 1996 SUN-AIR started operating scheduled flights as a British Airways franchise partner offering a high level of safety and service.

We specialize in ad hoc charter fligths and our happy customers keep returning year after year. Our fleet is combined to make your time of travel with JoinJet highly enjoyable.

JoinJet offers a variety of products, all custom-made to fit your needs. Through our 30 years of experience we know that our clients has different needs, but they all have one thing in common: They demand quality and precision.


Exclusive Service 

No matter if you are looking for a single leg, or a long-term relationship with us, we will provide you with the JoinJet associated Exclusive VIP Service.

Our sales department and service center is at your disposal and our staff will do their utmost to plan your flight and accommodate your needs.


Simple and effective

 JoinJet offers you a maximum of flexibility regardless of your line of business. Our concept is simple: We tailor our products to personally suit you and/or your team – just pick the time and place and we will be there.


Safety is paramount

Safety is our highest priority. With our mother company being a British Airways franchise partner we operate to their high safety standards and we never compromise on safety and always strive to do even better. 

Our pilots are all highly qualified. Our crew train on the most up-to-date and modern flight simulators around the world and encounter all possible scenarios. Our aircraft are equipped with the best safety systems available. They have the newest versions of navigation, traffic avoidance and terrain proximity systems.

That you are safe with us is furthermore substantiated by the fact that JoinJet is continually being reviewed and approved by the relevant aviation authorities as well as major leading companies worldwide. To name a few: British Airways, AirPartner, Audi, Shell, Statoil, and the Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Lithuanian governments.