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Ultimately, you have two options. You can conform to the time-consuming hassles of flying commercial flights. Or you can enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of chartering an aircraft. Which one do you prefer?

Kristoffer Sundberg

CEO at JoinJet 



Why do people choose to fly with us?



Tailoring flights is what we do. Every single day. Simply put, we were born to fly – and we’re pretty good at it.


We’re friendly

People like to travel with us because we are friendly and smiling, and we treat everybody with respect – always. It might sound simple but being nice never goes out of style.


We’re collaborative

We are here to make life easy for people. To do this, being collaborative is crucial. With a can-do attitude, we always strive to find a solution together with you.


We’re challengers

We like to challenge ourselves and the market. Each and every flight should be better than the last.


We’re personal

Nothing beats a personal relationship. That’s why we don’t hide behind company jargon and processes. Instead, we show up as people – on the ground and in the air – offering you an attentive and pleasant flight experience.

If time is money, flying with us is a
pretty good (and highly addictive) deal



3 big benefits for your business

Chartering an aircraft makes good business-sense for corporations. Below, we have listed 3 of the reasons other businesses fly with us.

Do more in less time

When you skip all the hassles of flying commercial flights, your work day is really taking off. To give you an example, we once helped a group of business people participate in meetings in three countries – in only one day.  

Perform better

When flying with us, you can recharge your batteries up in the air. Take a nap. Have a delicious meal. Prepare your next meeting. The cabin is yours – so you are ready to perform better.

Outpace competitors

Business success is often a matter of timing. About being in the right place at the right time. We can help you with that. Every corporate flight is tailored to meet your needs, so you can be wherever you like, whenever you like.






We’re here to help you

Our job is to help you succeed in your job. Simple as that. To do so, no question or enquiry is too small to address. We take care of everything related to your business trip – and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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