We help brokers find the best
possible private jet solution

No surprises. Lots of privacy

Brokers all over the world trust their clients in our hands. This is a huge responsibility – and we are happy to bring great experiences to life.

From our home in Billund, Denmark, we house 6 reliable and modern jet aircrafts. Each aircraft is highly popular. However, our real heroes are the 32 employees who are working wonders to help travellers fly the way they like. 

If you believe me and my crew can help you, feel free to reach out.  


Kristoffer Sundberg

Founder - JoinJet 

Which jet aircraft matches your clients' needs?

Our fleet consists of 6 highly popular jet aircraft. As a result, we can meet your clients’ needs – no matter how they like to fly. 

Flying a private jet is so much more than moving
people from A to B. It is an addictive experience allowing
people to reach new heights.

Business Jet or Private Jet?

Our travellers are very different – from politicians, business people and football teams to artists and families going on holiday – but they have one thing in common: They seek privacy and freedom and value our high service levels. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your clients are unique. However, most of them share the same dream. 

They won’t settle with going from A to B. They seek an experience. They want privacy, flexibility and their favourite food. At a reasonable price, of course. 

If you like, we can help your clients’ dreams come true. 


Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help you and your clients. If you like the idea of working with us, feel free to contact us. Buckle up. 

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