Profit from economizing your time. JoinJet offers you the opportunity to convert the phrase "Time is Money" into practical use.


By efficiently bypassing all the regular airport hassles, you no longer need to spend numerous hours on check-in, security, luggage-handling, delayed flights, transfer-time etc.


Partner in time

Having JoinJet by your side, your day becomes more time-efficient. With JoinJet you can do things in only one day which would normally take several days to accomplish flying with commercial airline, thus saving hotel costs and other travel expenses.


All in a day's work

We have customers attending up to four meetings, in four different countries around Europe in one day, and they are even able to make it  back home for dinner – and back in the office the next day.


Less use of ground transportation

Contrary to commercial airlines our aircraft can operate from short runways and small airports and bring you as close as possible to your destination, saving you both time and expenses to all sorts of ground transportation – back and forth. 


Human benefits

Travelling in luxury is less resource demanding, thus leaving you surplus energy to other priorities. 


Time for contact

Please contact the JoinJet team for further information – no matter how much time you feel needs to be economised.