Aircraft management

Provide the best conditions for your aircraft

JoinJet manages 25 privately and commercially registered aircraft on behalf of private, business and government owners worldwide. 

Our Aircraft Management service allows you all the benefits of aircraft ownership, but with none of the time-consuming management responsibilities involved in aircraft operations. Let us take care of complex matters such as aviation legislation compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment and productive aircraft operation and let our services provide you with lower costs and greater efficiency. Our dedicated team of management professionals is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will ensure the smooth running of your aircraft worldwide.

Maintenance supervision

As part of our Aircraft Management services, JoinJet's Maintenance Supervision Department plans and controls all maintenance work performed on the aircraft by the maintenance provider. After completion of the work we will screen each and every maintenance invoice and ensure that all warranty repair work are claimed on behalf of the customer. Since maintenance is a costly component of aircraft operation, this specialist service provides significant value to aircraft owners.


Benefit and reduce your cost


On behalf of our clients JoinJet will procure fuel cards from major worldwide suppliers and fuel brokers, allowing you to profit from our bulk discounts achievable through the size of the JoinJet management fleet. On average, we achieve over 15% in fuel discount.


JoinJet is able to pass on substantial financial benefits with regard to insurance premiums, typically in excess of 20% compared with a single-aircraft Premium.

Accounting and Reporting

All invoices relating to the operation of your aircraft are centrally processed by JoinJets support services. Invoices are checked in detail for their validity, properly accounted for, and paid on behalf of the customer. At the end of the month JoinJet produces one single itemised invoice for easy reference.

Crew Training

JoinJet will crew the aircraft on your behalf and ensure that the crew is trained to the highest standards. We obtain significant discounts for initial and recurrent training. 


Our professional ground handling staff provide passenger handling, aircraft ramp and hangar parking, ground support equipment, NOTAMS, weather updates including fully met, landing permits, hotel accommodation, limousine and car hire, as well as immigration liaison and luggage services. At other third party handling facilities worldwide, aircraft owners of JoinJet-managed aircraft will often benefit from the discounts we have obtained for our managed fleet.

Entrust our professional, highly skilled aircraft management team with the day-to-day operation of your aircraft, and we will ensure the smooth operation of your aircraft around the globe.